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TS 500, ASTM, EUROCODE compliance with the design standards. Metric and SI units to be used as optional.
Different characteristic structure of a combination of steel and concrete materials.
Automatic calculation of wind loads from the structure. Where necessary, heat calculation.
Multi-storey steel frame buildings and hall-type with crane structures, , taking into account the distinctive behavior of the steel structures , three-dimensional calculation . With recognition of rigid diaphragm , plates are being defined as finite element members and are being modelled as flexible diaphragm.
All kinds of steel structures can be modelled , and these structures three-dimensional analytical solutions can be obtained , the drawings of the solution can be easily prepared . Data entry can be entered via the 3-D display and can be easily corrected. All data entry can be made with mouse as visually besides the numerical editing and entry can be done.
The Bearing elements such as beams and columns,while modelling , according to the capacity of the profile , preparation of end connection details automatically , after analyzing calculations and drawings are being ready.
Details are taken into account the fabrication and assembly situations , with millimeter accuracy of data entry facilities , providing accurate project planning. Depending on the joints standarts with self-control designing a solid model allows user modelling as soon as possible.
According to the steel structures specific connections at the joints , with rigid link elements can take into account for all structure behaviors.
This rigid link elements allows the eccentricity effects the correct participation at static analysis.
Cross-like structure elements which are important at the stability of structure , having lack of necessity pass from nodes, can be modeled correctly in practical design.
Transferring moment beam and column connections, all connection elements by finite shell elements are being modelled , in the connection with surface contact elements , after iterative calculation according to the true neutral axis and the entire plate and bolt deformations are being calculated and so an economic design can be made. Likewise at steel structures, because of the moment transferring column base details due to the oversized designed feet, including the concrete foundations in entirely finite elements analysis and designed according to realistic neutral axis, all the concrete compressive stress and all steel elements in bending and welding stresses are calculated realistic and most accurate and while foundation design economy is provided.



Comparing the countries development level , the steel consumption per capita is a good indicator .
Large span structures can be builded with steel and at any time, depending on the need , the steel structures can be easly rearranged , ease of disassembly , so at industrial type buildings steel structure used without alternative . Also in the earthquake zones , lightweight mass of steel structure as being the most durable , has brought the situation to be made compulsory.
At industrial buildings , comparing with machinery and facility costs , steel structures with very little costs of themselfes , as protecting these facilities against earthquakes will be the safest and most important earthquake insurance .

The main reasons of the Steel construction costs are high compared to other alternatives :

IPA, H-type economic size of each section of the profile can not be found causes the use of larger cross-sections and the construction’s cost increases.
Design and manufacturing costs are being high. In a computer environment ;from designing project to CNC manufacturing , the use of integrated design and production techniques.
At steel structures , from designing the project to manufacture and installation of steel structures, the scarcity of qualified experienced personnel.
STA-STEEL, contains the industrial accumulation of developed industrial countries, not primarily in the design and even at the most difficult details ,while using all kinds of finite element modules , calculates the most accurate and precise. During structural analysis , advanced analysis techniques will be applied as three-dimensional finite element analysis is taking into account all offsets and eccentricity, At all sections and detail calculations , Sta-Steel gives the most accurate results done with finite elements , will be reducing the additional costs because of the concern of extreme security which causes over design , and will provide plus economy to the structure costs.
Optimization of the cost structure with optimal calculations, the most appropriate sections and details can be selected.About at the steel structure modeling techniques ; economic design, ergonomic design planning will cause design engineers developed.

Targeted Specifications

1. Structural modeling of Industrial type and high-rise buildings.
2. The automatic determination of the load of the model building.
3. Static and dynamic solution.
4. According to the current codes,the general calculation of structure,connection and foundation calculations.
5. Preparation of reports automatically.
6. Preparation of drawings automatically.

Demo Software and Catalog

A demo version of the software is prepared for features in terms of making ideas. This demo is not executable , also the menu system is different from the original software . Demo is only in order to provide information about the kinds of structures that can be modelled and usable connection types. In the full version of program, as being similar to Sta4CAD , axle and elements will be entered as demanded.
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STA Steel
30 years in the software engineering.