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>> Applying a real earthquake acceleration value to the designed model in order to find the stresses and displacements under applied earthquake. Compare the results with other earthquakes and Mode Superposition method.

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>> Nonlinear analysis of structures.
>> Rubber Isolators, taking into account the Isolators and foundations in static and modal analysis.
>> Analysis, design and drawing of mezzanine, nonorthogonal, disarranged or stepped structures.
>> Define geometry in story layout. Multiple copying and editing the structure members.
>> 3D analysis of structures. Rigid diaphragms. 6 unknowns for each node in static analysis. Modelling more than one diaphragms in a single story. Special solutions for the beams connect two different diaphragms.
>> Numerical integration for haunch ended or pinned /cracked beams' stiffness matrix and their drawings.
>> Compatible with TS500, Eurocode, ACI ve SNIP code.
>> 2007, 1997 and 1975 Turkish seismic codes, irregularity checks. Checks for highly ductile structures.
>> Special brick mathematical model that works under only compressional stresses. Take into account the accurate negatif effect of brick walls in seismic calculations.
>> Define pile foundations, calculate its effect on soil stresses and structure.
>> Console type retaining wall calculations, outputs and drawings.
>> Sequential construction analyse can correct the member stresses from dead loads. For high buildings, it is vitally important to take into account the effect of the construction steps.
>> Generate symmetrical structures automatically and compare the inputs and results in symmetrical buildings.
>> Selecting the most economic design with the help of the optimisation tools.
>> Fully graphical and totally explained outputs.
>> Analyse and design fictitious beams, check punching effects and generate drawings.
>> Automatically generate concrete/repair quantity, calculation reports and drawings.
>> Take into account the eccentricity of member connections. Define more than one column on a sheer wall.
>> Represent basement walls with 6 nodes panel member and generate drawings.
>> Defining spaces in slabs
>> Superstructure and the foundation system interact so that the settlements in the foundation system will affect the superstructure.
>> Ability to design and generate drawings for mat foundation with various heights/depths.
>> FEA analysis for different type of stair systems, folded slabs, domes, vaults.
>> International drawing technique.
>> Join two or more divided and separately solved buildings in foundation design.
>> By defining the soil surface, obtaining detailed information about the site.
>> Grid bar option in design and drawing for slabs and shear walls.
>> Turkish and English language is fully supported.
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>> Viewing the center of gravity and center of rigidity when designing the building, also 3D view of structure.
>> By defining the door/window openings on the brick walls, the loads are defined very clear so the design becomes more realistic and economic.
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