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From manufacturing drawings, with drawing techniques to minimize production errors, with detail drawings and dimensioning, manufacturing of steel construction can be made easily. All steel components will be marked and all used members such as bolts, washers, all the quantities will be listed. In the drawings, as notations to be understood, in addition to double scale drawing technique, the desired scale of detail can be made.
STA Steel Drawings:
At the structural design, the exposure of similar members from the same manufacturing batch production with minimum outage making structure to be the most economical.
In later versions, it is aimed to support computer aided manufacturing such as CNC. Structure members, as being a solid model all cutting vectors are being used in the design for all sections, this switching will be easily made.
Drawings, are being prepared for steel fabrication workshops . In details , the horizontally and vertically different scales can be used seperately.
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STA Steel